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Brake Repair Upland and Brake Replacement provided by G-Tech Automotive.  At our Auto Shop we use a Professional Brake Inspection to test your brake fluids and inspect your parking brake.  We also measure wear and tear on your front and real brake pads, rotors and drums.  

If you need Replacement Brake Pads. Our expert brake technicians will ensure that your brakes have all the stopping power you need.  We only use the highest quality brake parts.  You deserve top quality brake replacement parts.  We use the top industry leading brands for our replacement brake parts that meet and exceed the manufacturer’s specifications.

Common Brake Problems –  Some of the signs listed below are a good reason to contact us as soon as possible.  These symptoms could indicate brake problems such as bad brake pads, brake fluid leaks, a faulty ABS, and more. 

♦ Your brakes are making noises, including grinding, squealing, or metal on metal noises.

♦  The pedal feels spongy when the brakes are applied.

♦  Your steering wheel shakes while braking.

♦   Your vehicle wobbles or pulsates when you brake at any speed.

♦  Your car seems to pull to one side when you brake.

♦  The brake light or ABS light on your dashboard is illuminated.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please do not hesitate to give us a call and schedule an appointment. 

The G-Tech Automotive Shop is equipped to provide diagnostics, auto maintenance, engine repair, transmission repairs, electrical repair, brake replacement, battery replacement and tire repair or tire replacement.  Whatever your car repair needs are we can accommodate your vehicle.  We serve domestic or foreign cars. Brakes near me Upland CA.

If you have any questions prior to your visit, please call us.

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