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Truck Bed Covers by G-Tech Automotive. G-Tech Automotive strives to provide the best truck bed covers and liners.  Our favorite manufacturer is the roll cover from Truck Covers made in the USA. They have some of the finest roll covers, toolboxes and accessories around.

The roll cover is easy to install, superior style and easy to operate. The roll over is durable, secure and convenient.  Protects cargo from weather and theft.  It is lightweight double-walled aluminum.  Strong enough to withstand 500 lbs.  The rolls cover is textured powder coating for scratch resistance.

The roll cover will enhance the appearance of most trucks. And may even improve gas mileage (7-10%).

If you are in need of a tool box for your truck.  This company also has a tool box and cover combination. These are two essential products at work together. They also have two sizes of work covers for the size of the toolbox and roll cover combination. There are also several add-on options, which include led lighting, power locking, chrome handles and stainless steel trays.

We invite you to come by or call us about your special needs for this product on your truck.

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